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Friday, January 01, 2100

BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, the official 9/11 story is very very wrong.

Please see here for an overview of the 9/11 Frame-Up. Summary: they faked the plane crashes, they faked the videos, and they nuked the towers.

"The powers that be" are very sick, evil creatures.


Please note that "Anonymous Physicist", who has contributed articles here in the past, is a different person from "Spooked", the owner of this blog. Also please see here for a note regarding the commenting policy on this site.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Donald Trump Is the Dark Triad Man"

This is very creepy, but will appeal to Trump fans.

Here is "dark triad" as defined by wikipedia:
The dark triad is a subject in psychology that focuses on three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Use of the term "dark" implies that people possessing these traits have malevolent qualities.
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The TrumpenReich Cometh

We don’t know whether the election of Trump is an American echo of the winter of 1932-33 in Germany, when a fragile democracy collapsed into tyranny and an infamous demagogue rose to power on a promise of economic renewal and restored national pride, with an unmistakable racial subtext. 
It’s an inflated comparison in many ways: Trump is too lazy and stupid to be a good Führer, and lacks any semblance of a consistent ideology; his true believers are nowhere near a majority, and are unlikely to participate in any form of mass mobilization that involves leaving the sofa. Kristallnacht is more likely to come back as a hashtag than a physical event. 
At the very least the Trump election is a moment of unprecedented national emergency, and a critical symptom of how badly American political life has decayed. The whole scenario remains deeply ludicrous, although it long ago stopped being funny. It more closely resembles a plot twist in an Alan Moore graphic novel than anything any of us expected to see in the real world: A reality TV star and real estate salesman with the demeanor and intellect of a petulant child has been elected president with a minority of the vote, thanks to a flukey electoral system, a severely divided and demoralized electorate, a beleaguered and overconfident opponent and a concatenation of other circumstances too strange for fiction.
That’s before we get to all the vile things Trump has said and done to galvanize the most ignorant and jingoistic tendencies in the American public, and the incoherent and/or vile list of things he has said he will do in the future. Those are also aspects of the emergency. Then there’s the fact that President-elect Trump has so far served as a channel for the most retrograde elements of the hard right: He has appointed an old-line white Southerner with clear links to Jim Crow-style racism as his attorney general (Jeff Sessions), a defrocked general given to paranoid anti-Islamic tirades as his national security adviser (Michael Flynn), and a millionaire zealot who wants to defund public schools as his secretary of education (Betsy DeVos). 
Never mind the “alt-right,” an increasingly meaningless term that describes a basket of miscellaneous deplorables. Mike Pence or Steve Bannon or whoever is orchestrating things behind the scenes is installing a right-wing dream team that would have been too extreme for Dick Cheney. 
Those who try to assure us that the emergency is not an emergency, or to insist that the enduring institutions of democracy will surely triumph over this mass hallucination, are either cowardly or stupid or have their heads buried somewhere that isn’t the sand. Furthermore, they are steadfastly refusing to learn anything from recent experience: Aren’t these the same responsible grownups who understood how things worked in the real world, and who felt sure that Jeb Bush would be the Republican nominee,and then that Hillary Clinton would win the election in a historic landslide? 
At some point, clinging to your broken idols while barbarians ransack the temple just becomes pathetic. To be more charitable, the “normalizers” are just afraid. Which is understandable; we should all be afraid. We have good reason to be afraid if we are Muslim, if we are gay or lesbian or trans, if we are black, if we are recent immigrants with or without papers. We have good reason to be afraid if people in those communities are our neighbors, our family members, our friends, our loved ones. We have reason to be afraid if we are Americans who do not define that nationality by looking backward to an imaginary past. The question now is how we respond to that fear. What we do with it.
It took years for American politics to deteriorate badly enough that Donald Trump could be elected dogcatcher, let alone president. There’s plenty of blame to go around. None of us did enough to stop it from happening, quite obviously. So now we confront a national emergency that must not be denied and an old question out of the history textbooks that cannot be avoided: Whose side are you on?

Or as this guy says-- Winter is Coming:

This piece on white nationalism and Trump is worth a read:

Why I Left White Nationalism

Basically, IMHO, white nationalism (or any sort of race-based nationalism) is a primitive, tribal instinct, a reaction to a complex world that is hard to adapt to for some people. It is not a good philosophy or a worthwhile expression of humanity.
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Appeaser in Chief

Look for Russia to whole-heartedly invade and annex Ukraine when President Trump is in office, and have trump do nothing.


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Monday, November 21, 2016

"Make Germany Great Again"

This movie (Look Who's Back) came out in Germany in 2015, about Hitler coming back to life in modern day Germany. It's streaming on Netflix-- check it out if you can.

So seriously, at one point in the movie, Hitler says "I just want to make Germany great again".

I wonder if this movie is where Trump (or one of his people) got his "Make America Great Again" slogan.
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Trump's Cult of Personality

It's pretty obvious by now that a very large number of Trump supporters have attached some sort of mystical savior-like qualities to him.

It's really weird and creepy.

It's also disturbing to see conspiracy sites like Alex Jones and people at Washington's Blog act as if Trump is some amazing superman. Maybe even an Ubermensch.

Many of these people do happily see signs of Hitler-like qualities in Trump, while others seem willfully blind to it.

Keep in mind Trump:
-- ran a scammy fake university, that he just settled a lawsuit over for $25 million
-- has ran multiple businesses into bankruptcy
-- lost almost $1 billion in one year, in the Casino industry
-- boasted of sexual assault
-- was accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women
-- set a record for lies in a campaign
-- engaged in not so subtle race-baiting
-- openly promoted right-wing conspiracy theories
-- proposed banning a whole religion from entering the US
-- publicly asked Russian hackers to break into State dept emails
-- has no concept about nuclear weapons policy, and has freaked out security experts
and on and on and on... the list is almost endless of things he did that should have disqualified him from the presidency. And yet people voted for him anyway in enough numbers to eke out a win in the electoral college.

He breaks all the rules, and gets away with it because he says the right things to his supporters.

The only thing that can explain his supporters behavior is some weird cult of personality.

But it's such an amazing joke that anyone thinks he can change anything in DC or make it better. He's a total obvious conman.

It's not clear whether the Alex Jones outfit really believes in Trump, or they cynically or supporting them for some unclear reason. Certainly Jones' followers seem to be happy to go along with rightwing fascist bullshit. But it just goes to show how gullible conspiracy people can be.

Then there's the Evangelicals, whose support of Trump is the biggest joke in the world. Trump embodies loose sexuality, is a complete narcissist and knows almost nothing about Christianity.  But
Evangelicals have latched onto him as some sort of culture warrior/savior-- truly bizarre.  But it just goes to show how gullible Evangelicals can be.

The there's the media, which clearly loves the attention Trump brings to the media. They put up with his crap for the most part, because they always give the benefit of the doubt to conservative and they love RATINGS.  So they can make money as Trump completely fleeces the country, drives it into bankruptcy, and god knows what else.
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Friday, November 18, 2016

Prepping That Race War

Racism wasn't just act during the campaign-- Donald Trump Is Building a Team of Racists

National Security Advisor appointee Michael Flynn is an Islamophobe

Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions is an old-fashioned Southern racist-- this one is the most blatant, given the importance of the position

White House Advisor Steve Bannon is a white nationalist

CIA director appointee Mike Pompeo also appears to be an Islamophobe
But he’s a Tea Party member, a climate science denier, and an extreme anti-choicer who doesn’t support rape/incest exceptions. He thinks Edward Snowden should be executed. He thinks the people at Guantanamo Bay look “well-fed” and are well treated. He’s a Benghazi nutcase and he’s a fanatical opponent of the nuclear agreement with Iran. He’s been denounced by the The Council on American-Islamic Relations for saying Islamophobic things on the House floor.

Basically, all of these people are extremist right-wing hacks who do not belong in power in the US.

Flynn also has some disturbing ties to Russia.

Flynn is also the guy that first said that Obama and Clinton "founded" ISIS.

But the bottom line is that either by accident or design, Trump is surrounding himself with people who will create racial/religious tensions, probably in order to create a national emergency they can use to grab more power.
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More on Election Fraud

So where does all of the above get us? It’s a mountain of statistical and mathematical and logical and demographic discrepancy and suspicion and nothing more. I can’t definitively prove that the vote tallies were rigged. And as a practical matter it would be so tricky for a hacker to rig the results in various states, without any of the local precinct overseers catching on, that no one has even been able to posit a plausible method for pulling it off.
But still, these things can’t all have legitimately happened.
In order to believe that the official vote tallies are legitimate, you have to accept that all of the above legitimately happened: African-Americans in the south went from turning out in droves for Hillary Clinton in the primary to not caring if she won the general election. Donald Trump got perhaps seventy percent of the same-day voting in Florida. The polling averages were wrong for the first time in modern history. Trump beat his poll numbers despite having spent the primary season tending to fall below them. Clinton fell below her poll numbers despite having spent the primary season tending to beat them. In every state where Trump pulled off a shocking upset victory, he just happened to do it with one percent of the vote. And in an election that everyone cared particularly deeply about, no one really turned out to vote at all. I can accept any one of the above things happening as an isolated fluke. I cannot accept all the above happening. And so for once in my evidence-driven career, I’m left to believe that the conspiracy theorists are right: the vote tallies are rigged.

Hillary Clinton is the only person to ever win the Presidency by millions of votes and “lose”

UPDATE: good details in this article:

A Fair Election? Serious, Hard-to-Explain Questions Arise About Trump Vote Totals in 3 Key States:
A series of explanation-defying questions surrounding Donald Trump’s victories in key 2016 swing states has prompted a cadre of voting rights attorneys and electronic voting machine experts to consider formally filing for presidential recounts in coming days. These recount-justifying anomalies go beyond the discrepancies in media exit polls predicting a Hillary Clinton victory on November 8 and subsequent vote counts where Trump won states that have not backed Republican presidents for decades. Recounts could clarify or verify whether several different forms of electronic hacking could have padded state voter rolls and altered resulting counts. Former state election directors contacted by AlterNet were extremely skeptical of the election theft theories that accompanied the troubling vote-count patterns. They added that the courts would not change election results unless there was overwhelming proof. Spokespeople for election departments in possible recount states also said their voting systems were designed to block hacking, especially after federal intelligence officials this summer said Russia hacked into two state voter registration databases (Illinois was named) and warned states to be vigilant. Russia also was reportedly behind hacks of DNC and Clinton campaign emails. The count anomalies and possible explanations cited by the team of voting rights attorneys and electronic voting machine experts, whose experience in these issues dates back to the 2000 and 2004 elections, combined a mix of old and new threats. In some cases, known electronic voting machine vulnerabilities may have been tapped to inflate county-level vote tabulations, they said, suggesting those machines should be impounded and examined. Where Russia may have been involved, their theory goes beyond anything imagined in past elections. They posited that last summer’s Russia hacks of voter registration databases could have yielded sufficient information to create large numbers of phantom absentee ballot voters, inflating the Trump vote in certain swing states that helped win the Electoral College. Recounts and related litigation could explore if either happened, they said. Obtaining and comparing pre- and post-election logic and accuracy reports of voting machinery might begin to trace the “older school” vote-count tampering, where countywide totals are calculated. (American elections are run by county officials.) Similarly, comparing voter lists from states hacked by Russians, such as Illinois where more than 200,000 voter files were taken, to states with very high numbers of absentee ballots, could reveal if phantom voters were put into those state’s databases, they said. “The theory here rests not on the claim that the hackers used data from Illinois to apply for registration status and absentee ballots,” one attorney explained. “Rather, the theory is that the hackers used the data from Illinois to place fake voters into voter registration databases which they also hacked… A leading computer scientist agreed this is how it could be done.” While other election administration experts contacted dismissed this scenario, saying post-election audits in swing states would find discrepancies between the number of paper absentee ballots cast and electronic totals assigned to that ballot category, the anomalies cited by the election integrity team represent their basis to pursue possible recounts in several midwestern states.

Read the rest.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Be On the Alert for Mayhem and Worse in the Coming Year

So I was thinking about the one hopeful thing after the shitstorm coming from the Trump presidency, is that Democrats can try to win back the House and Senate in 2018. There should be enough backlash to Trump to do it by then.

Then I was thinking about GWBush, and how unpopular he was after his selection after 2000, and then, hmm, why didn't the Dems take back Congress in 2002?

Then I realized, oh fuck, 9/11. And then the march to war in Iraq.

I am predicting a national emergency (massive riots, terrorist attack) in the next year, that the Trump administration will use to grab more power and deflect public unrest. Then they will use that power boost to hold onto Congress, or worse, martial law, and/or declare Trump supreme leader.

These Trump dudes are the worst of the worst, and only the GOP can stop them. But most of the GOP are only to happy to go along with it.

We're fucked.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Russian Hackers Created Dissension in the DNC

According to Kurt Eichenwald (and I suspected this was the case given everything else in this election):
Next, the infamous hack of DNC emails that “proved” the organization had its thumb on the scale for Clinton. Perhaps nothing has been more frustrating for people in the politics business to address, because the conspiracy is based on ignorance. 
Almost every email that set off the “rigged” accusations was from May 2016. (One was in late April; I’ll address that below.) Even in the most ridiculous of dream worlds, Sanders could not have possibly won the nomination after May 3—at that point, he needed 984 more pledged delegates, but there were only 933 available in the remaining contests. And political pros could tell by the delegate math that the race was over on April 19, since a victory would require him to win almost every single delegate after that, something no rational person could believe. 
Sanders voters proclaimed that superdelegates, elected officials and party regulars who controlled thousands of votes, could flip their support and instead vote for the candidate with the fewest votes. In other words, they wanted the party to overthrow the will of the majority of voters. That Sanders fans were wishing for an establishment overthrow of the electorate more common in banana republics or dictatorships is obscene. (One side note: Sanders supporters also made a big deal out of the fact that many of the superdelegates had expressed support for Clinton early in the campaign. They did the same thing in 2008, then switched to Obama when he won the most pledged delegates. Same thing would have happened with Sanders if he had persuaded more people to vote for him.) 
This is important because it shows Sanders supporters were tricked into believing a false narrative. Once only one candidate can win the nomination, of course the DNC gets to work on that person’s behalf. Of course emails from that time would reflect support for the person who would clearly be the nominee. And given that their jobs are to elect Democrats, of course DNC officials were annoyed that Sanders would not tell his followers he could not possibly be the nominee. Battling for the sake of battling gave his supporters a false belief that they could still win—something that added to their increasingly embittered feelings. 
According to a Western European intelligence source, Russian hackers, using a series of go-betweens, transmitted the DNC emails to WikiLeaks with the intent of having them released on the verge of the Democratic Convention in hopes of sowing chaos. And that’s what happened—just a couple of days before Democrats gathered in Philadelphia, the emails came out, and suddenly the media was loaded with stories about trauma in the party. Crews of Russian propagandists—working through an array of Twitter accounts and websites, started spreading the story that the DNC had stolen the election from Sanders. (An analysis provided to Newsweek by independent internet and computer specialists using a series of algorithms show that this kind of propaganda, using the same words, went from Russian disinformation sources to comment sections on more than 200 sites catering to liberals, conservatives, white supremacists, nutritionists and an amazing assortment of other interest groups.) 
The fact that the dates of the most controversial emails—May 3, May 4, May 5, May 9, May 16, May 17, May 18, May 21—were after it was impossible for Sanders to win was almost never mentioned, and was certainly ignored by the propagandists trying to sell the “primaries were rigged” narrative. (Yes, one of them said something inappropriate about his religious beliefs. So a guy inside the DNC was a jerk; that didn’t change the outcome.) Two other emails—one from April 24 and May 1—were statements of fact. In the first, responding to Sanders saying he would push for a contested convention (even though he would not have the delegates to do so), a DNC official wrote, “So much for a traditional presumptive nominee.” Yeah, no kidding. The second stated that Sanders didn’t know what the DNC’s job actually was—which he didn’t, apparently because he had not ever been a Democrat before his run. 
Bottom line: The “scandalous” DNC emails were hacked by people working with the Kremlin, then misrepresented online by Russian propagandists to gullible fools who never checked the dates of the documents. And the media, which in the flurry of breathless stories about the emails would occasionally mention that they were all dated after any rational person knew the nomination was Clinton’s, fed into the misinformation.
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